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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  July 1, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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the category for nudity and violence. first pg-film red dawn starring patrick swaje . i am trace gal ger in for shepherd smith. >> tonight, it is the best of the o'reilly factor. >> you are to me. i like working for you in the news room. >> bernie goldburg. you won a popularity contest and quiz kids spheave and martha. >> you are a pansy, okay . so the flower. dennis miller. >> i would like to be eddy miller because i don't want to share a first name. it is unforgettable waters world. it is an early age . it is your choice how you react to it. >> we have the best of the factor wrapped nup one
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program. is that 3-dog night. >> i thought i was going to break into joy to the world. >> jeremiah was a bull frog. right now, caution you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. tonight we show case fascinating high lightts and bernie goldberg and his thoughts of me being the most trusted political guy in news. >> i know it galled you to see me, at the top of that most trusted political guy list. >> yeah, i hate -- you know, it didn't gall me but i hate to break the news to you,
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bill. i feel bad. you won a popularity contest and so congratulations. >> first time i ever won one. >> you should be happy. because almost everybody on the list isn't a political reporter, number one and a lot of them are not even journalist. but they could of. people could have voted for anybody. the way the poll was conducted they didn't have a list and say which of the people are most trusted. and more people say to you. than anybody else. that is a lot more. yes. you are popular . yes there is name recognition. but they could have picked anybody but they picked you. so congratulations. >> we are happy they did. the broader picture on fox news as opposed to the news is
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a more definitive statement. >> and much more important one with all due respect to you. let me answer the question. almost 10 years ago. my first book bias about bias in the media came out . i was put in the cross hairs by liberal journalist who said there is no liberal bias and i was a right wing lunatic. and these are people who call them traitors. what they didn't understand back then. is that they didn't have an argument with me . so the debate was not between me and the main streamm networks. it was between the main stream networks and own audiences that lost faith and trust in them. same thing is happening with
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the poll. despite the constant bierage of criticism against fox and objective journalist and honest opinion journalist. fox comes out not just ahead but way ahead as most trusted political source for news. here is the important point. every vote for fox. every single vote for fox was a vote against everybody else . i think even today 10 years after bias came out. main stream networks is not with problem with me and bill o'reilly and fox network, it is with the american people who have lost faith and
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trustt. >> and in the media it is. it is the assassination of samoa. - osama bin laden . that is assassination . okay. >> so you know what. lincoln was assassinated and jfk was assassinated and martin luther king jr. was assassinated. drug dealers are not assassinated . neither is a sniveling coward who orders people to kill innocent civilians. they are shot. they are shot like rabid dogs are shot.
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and i think the media has been fair. and barack obama and i do believe that the president did a gustsy good job on this. this puts barack obama in a very good light going forward to reelection. all right . so the left wing media is going to celebrate it. and cover it as a positive . fascinating if bush in the last days in office had done the same thing. >> they would have said it took them 7 years to get around for doing it. >> and what you are going to see here. barack obama had a competency issue that people said he is a good guy but not terribly competent certainly in the economy and health care. but he was very competent. very competent in terms of
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getting osama bin laden and he deserves a lot of credit for the gutsy move he did. it sounds like what you are saying and correct me if i am wrong and i don't want to be wrong with you. i have mad love for you. that is a rap phrase. correct me if i am wrong. what you are saying is, if an artist supports someone who is convicted of killing a cop he shouldn't be allowed to go to the white house. is that a reasonable paraphrase. >> no it is little more than that. >> i am saying that when a president invites someone, in this case. the ladyy lady the ris may has to be put in front of them. >> what do you think? >> watching godzilla versus king kong is always good television. >> who is -- >> he's not here.
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and so watching godzilla versus stewart king kong is good television. i enjoyed it from that point of view. you covered too many points for me to analyze the whole thing. you made one central point and that is liberal hipom risy and conservative hipock chrisy. jon stewart said all this guy was doing defending two people who killed cops . saying they shouldn't have been convicted and you righttly said he was sympathizing . can you imagine if there was a white artist and a singer poet whatever who said they didn't do it . he goes to visit james earl. i don't care if that person spent half of his life in children's hospitals and gave money to the poor.
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>> he was an assassin of martin luther king jr.. >> not only liberals but no decent person would embrace that artist if he had done that. >> and overriding debate theme was from stewart's point of view . he did it well because stewart is a smart guy. bono, and bob dilllanwho had questioned, all right. police murders and had received the honor. stewart had enough class to do it others have done it but you are picking on him common is black. if he traveled to cuba or michael moore and sympathize i wouldn't say anything about it? >> of course you would. here is a mistake that jon stewart makes. he made a lot of good points. i think he made a lot of good
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points. but one point he repeatedly makes that is unfair, he takes the most unbalanced and unfair people in this filming and he slimes all of the fox news. >> he does that. >> and we let him do it. >> i said early, you keep it with me. this is the debate. comedy central doesn't have diversity of opinion. >> they are all that way. >> and here, there is gazil 81s of opinions from all sides which is why this is a vibrant network that wins. you are right. stewart tryied to put all of us in the jar, but he came in here and he was a gentleman about it and i respect that. >> i used to be a liberal and now i am a conservative. he is than most liberals. >> and he is funnier. >> best of the cultural warriors. >> these are not naked.
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marget and gretchen kicked it off with a ad that created white hot controversy. >> last week i drove my
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convertible naked. i walked my dog naked. >> i skied and naked. naked. naked. my mother would be so ashamed. one of 22 people would die from sun crancer. you might as well be naked. go to my i am done with being naked. >> and now the golden warriors. this is from the peta play book. >> you are right. >> and every time peta wants attention there is a missing duck or whatever they are doing. somebody or a modele goes out and has notice clothes on. i think we are used to this kind of tough. >> i say it is effective .
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my father died from melanoma . i am not saying it was a problem but the discussion comes when you are in the lifing room and you are watching whatever and this pops up and then the parents go unoh. it makes them easy. >> it is a great example. they are not really naked. they want you to wear sun blockk. they are seeing more than that. >> what programs >> all they have to do is turn on the television and see sex and violence. this to me inn innocous. i was wondering what is this ad going to be about? >> what is the ad. they tonight tell you until the end. >> so it is effective. >> you don't think it corrupts
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the kids or nation and does good so many can protect themselves. >> a seven year old girl getting bullied because of her ears. her mother and father, basiclyy say, you know, we can't have the kid's ears sticking out and we'll have cosmetic surgery. >> almost. she was getting made fun of a lot . the charity little baby face paid for children with severe abnorality to have it fixed. >> it is enough to affect her development of the sense of self-esteem. >> yeah. , you say so. >> i agree with it. >> bullying is a huge problem whether or not she has problem. they are youngest in the class or short . so trust me, it is happening in the schools and for things
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you can't change go ahead and change the things. >> both of you would have done it to your seven year old daughter. >> if she wanted to. there is difference tween difference. >> and we are all on board that is not a problem. >> gathered in front of the white house in times square in new york city . celebrating the fact that navy seals had shot bin laden in the head. were you surprized to see the youngsters as ed sullivan said and why were they out there? >> i was surprised. but i happening it was inspiring to see patriotism . i thought that was not acceptable amongst the young and why in because partially they want good news and the economy is not great for them. but more importantlyy most youngg people were
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impressionable ages when 9/11 happened and their view of the future of the world was totally different than what it was when you and i greww up. we didn't have a war on terror and i think to them it brought a sense of relief and maybe their futures will be more safe. >> you think because it made an impression. you hoover were amongst the crowd. >> and were you surprise. >> at ground zero. i thought there would be more firefighters and port authority and victims and families. you know what, this is the millennial generation. and osama bin laden was the incarnate of evil. they were afraid osama bin laden was hiding in their shower or under theirr bed because he was the monster in their imagination .
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older ones, osama bin laden disrupted the sense of american invincability and americans killing him that return that is possibility and keeping them safe. >> you believe it is underlying sidewalk logical reason why the young people went out of there. the united states is a noble nation . the navy seals are good noble people. bin laden was an evil force in the world. good defeets evail. >> coming up. in san francisco. what jesse found there. >> it is all about free
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choice. >> what do you think, karl? >> i don't know. no comment. >> and later john stossle has a beef with undercover video stings. [ male announcer ] do you know how you will react when someone changes lanes without warning? or when you're distracted? when you're falling aeep at the wheel? do you know how you'll react? lexus can now precisely test the most unpredictable variable in a car -- the driver. when you pursue perfection, you don't just engineer
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the world's most advanced driving simulator. you engineer amazing. ♪
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>> ed asener tough but lovable news room lou grant in the mary tyler moore . starred -- he is a socialist with strong political opinions. >> you play warren buffet. >> i am warren buffet. >> you are buffet. >> you know my misgivings hank and soon as they trade for themselves, the risk managers lost control.
8:24 pm
>> you like him even though he makes money. >> all capitalist should be like warren buffet and be taxed more. >> he said he should be taxed more. but he could give that money to the government straight out. >> why don't we tax him more? >> we want to stimulate the economy and hoping he spends more money. >> get to the movie too big to fail. >> and why did the banks cause the economy to almost collapse. what was the main ingredient? >> we have seen regutions and from these guys with greed riding the money . the basketball -- >> and government regulation has to be watched closely. our paul barnie frank was watching freddie and fanny and
8:25 pm
they collapsed righturched their nose and he didn't know anything about it and that doesn't give me confidence. >> you saw barney and i yelling at each other. >> you haven't seen it >> i will send that to your house. >> you, i need some racy films. i haven't watched blue movies in a long time. >> you are an old-time socialist. >> i think i am a present time. >> you believe president obama is a socialist? >> no. god no. >> are you happy with him? >> not that much. >> what is he doing wrong? >> i tend to read paul a lot. >> and that is a problem there. >> i knew you would be pleased. >> he would be. >> and like what he did, he should have done so much more in terms of the bank loans and revitalization of the money and should be a bigger kick
8:26 pm
start. >> he was not aggressive enough; you think he is a phony? >> i don't know yet. >> how did you react when bin laden went down? >> i think it as a pana sea. he was not even wanted for 9/11 for --. he was for a bunch of crime. >> 9/11 is now erased we have got bin laden. >> no, i don't think everybody thinks that. >> a think a lot of people do. >> liberal guys like you and barack obama is aggressive and drones going in there. >> and that's too aggressive for my money. >> even though you get a chiefan. >> i don't think we need afghanistan and i would like us to get out of there. no one has ever won in afghanistan and dance and crow in the russian getting their ass kicked there and we are getting the same thing in our
8:27 pm
own way. >> one of the things i like about you. you are not a mean guy. we are most politically apart but we have a few laughs. you are lou grant and i am like working for you in the news room. >> you are fired. i look like donald trump. >> when you did the moore show did you discuss politics with the crew. >> may mary tyler moor moris a factor fan. >> why hedge. how old do i look? >> mary has become more conservative of late. i was most outspeaken. >> rush limbaugh calls me ted baxler. >> you learn to play it right down the wire. >> he was a brilliant actor. >> he's the funniest man i ever knew. >> nine floors up the fire escape. >> we appreciate you coming in and here and you are a honest
8:28 pm
guy and a patriot. >> i enjoy you. coming up. we sent jesse waters out to san francisco to investigate why that city would not obey federal law. and we unleashed dennis miller. you will not want to miss. thanks to the venture card from capital one,
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>> the city of san francisco will not obey federal imgradings law and tried to legalize marijuana by bogus medical clinics and has a homeless problem. we sent jesse waters to the city by the bay to check it out. >> ♪ if you are going to san francisco. ♪ so what is san francisco all b. sex, drugs and rock-n-roll. >> open and understanding. >> how do you like san francisco >> where else in the united states can people have a naked bike ride and not get arrested. >> for streaking. >> exposing your children to naked bike readers. and how do you like san francisco? you are prostituting. >> how much would you charge? >> how much. >> 4000. >> and so there is a lot of marijuana. >> i am a patient. >> what reason do you have?
8:32 pm
>> that is confidential with my health record. >> i have back pain and knee pain. >> i fell off a jungle gym. >> and what style would you say you have on right now. >> road warriors. >> this is methadone. and okay. there is a lot of illegal immigration issues here. do you pay that any mind. >> i think borders are silly. >> who cares about country? >> are you crazy and nuts. >> you come here from mexico and commit a felony and san francisco will not tell the feds about it. >> only thing illegal immigration and they made a law against immigrants coming in here. >> people come and goo quickly. and san francisco is considering banning circumcision. >> that is unfortunate. >> as long as not by force i
8:33 pm
am all right with it. >> it takes away the freedom of the child. >> you think it is a good idea. >> it is all about free choice. >> what do you think, karl? >> i don't know. no dement. >> you guys think there is a major homeless problem in san francisco. >> benefits are fantastic in the city. >> the cops are nice and lenient. >> if it was up to me. i would be mowing people down. you don't know what people grow up in and weather there is an environment that is hospitable. >> keep your mouth shut. >> how are you doing. you want to do a interview. >> and okay. la has great weather, too. why don't you go to l.a. >> you work on stuff and try prototype. >> they gave me a ticket for urinating on the street. >> you know that is illegal in
8:34 pm
>> now i do. >> and good to know what the economy is saying. >> you have a problem with o'reilly. >> he shouldn't be so aggressive and lock tup. >> you are not a factor fan. >> i think i can change your mind. >> this is acward. >> o'reilly is a chump but all right. >> you he should be on a sail boat. where is your sailor hat. >> and here is waters . you ran up a huge tab to find sheriff mike henessy, the sheriff of the county, right. >> right. and he said flat out, i am not going to tell the federal government when i arrest a violent felon who is not in the country legally. he is a real coward and will not speak to us. they totally dodged and he is
8:35 pm
a public official and he's taken sanct policy to a whole new extreme. if you are an illegal alien and arrested for a misdemeanor. when the feds will put a hold he will release before the feds can come. >> where was he? >> they say he was out of town and i can't get everybody. >> but you went to find him. >> i was a little rude, it is kind of what we do here. >> is he hiding from you. >> she had no idea what was going on. >> we appreciate it i am glad you made friend in the san francisco. >> dennis miller tackles news stories out there in miller's own special way . jon stossle weighs in. host: coo really save you 15% or more
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>> what best of program would be complete without a little miller time. the d-man spares no one. >> so let's start with president obama. >> this debate over budgets and deficits is about more than just numbers on the page. >> it lasts four and half hours i am not sure and like the movie the 10 commandments. there was an intermission.
8:39 pm
the primary thing is, you got to tax the rich and he does say to cut spinding, too, and you say. >> first of all i would like to be called eddy miller and i don't want to share a first name with kisini h. call me eddy. let's face facts. we are near a tipping point in this country and a continental divide line and what is the working class, let's just say it is as it is. people in the working class that are not working hard as they used to be . people who never get credit, the piggest like overloored like to get ahead and they have to be working class
8:40 pm
people who deserve help and clueless people who don't deserve the time of day. that's the time we are reaching in american history. americans good are the haded people and don't give a rat's ass about the clueless anymore. times are tough. >> royal wedding. william and kate middleton. and cool guy and hot chick . crash the monarchy. i don't think he will ever let happen to that poor girl what happened to his mom. i watched that wedding and i thought my god, this poor girl looks like she is led away to the tower of london . that never felt good. but this feel it is good. i would keep away from the toast. he's so nuts with the global warm he holds up a glass of bubbly he would cry talking
8:41 pm
about the co2 bubbles. >> bubblings bubbles, everywhere and not a trop to drink . how it is going to end by the end of the day . you know what, bill. i see president obama sent over a gift and they were disappointed because he gave them an obama care waiver. that's what he gives everybody . i sent them over. registered with carble. i got them a cookie puss . i am wondering if you got them something out of the factor here store like fresh ear must haves and triple hl. >> the rain stops here umplela for london. another rainy day. >> and we have it the here. >> that's what we got them muslim veils and illegal in
8:42 pm
france. >> listen give the french government credit. truth be told. french men would rather to see every woman in the culture walking around in lingerie . asking them to peel every day gash. instead of looking like halloween. it seems to me they are going halfway and i am not sure you want to see them outside of the burka . be careful what you wish for. the men make all of the decisions in the muslim world. who dresses women like this? can you imagine coming over to vegas and going to one of the joints and say we want all of the women to dress like that. you would have a insurrection in this country . i don't understand guys. they are blowing things up because they don't have enough sex. they dress their women up in a
8:43 pm
pup tent. >> in the islamic culture, vegas is not a big consideration? >> maybe it should be, bill . maybe they should unwind with a mar thereto tini and dean martin and chill out. >> there is money and you don't know it. >> all right. the obama meeting with the royal family and the spectacle and how did it go down in your mind? >> listen, this is what i dig about barack thinking. i am in madame tousaeu. >> acward moments and he said. helen thomas first question. >> you think that pakistan and our -- safe haven and afghanistan for these so-called terrorist. >> that was acward . then in the guest book in
8:44 pm
westminister abbey can i give you my theory on that. >> it is a number of solutions for any given problem. >> i hate to get too da vinci code. may 24, 2008 trandsalates five, plus two is 7 . 7 plus four is 11 . two zeros keep it at 13 . eight makes it 21. he was telling us he got lucky with the queen. >> totally crazy. i don't want to consider that, miller. i don't think about that. >> back up theory. he signed 2008 and by the time it reads back to dc. >> he put me off with the queen line. >> coming up. undercover stings. are they ethical. jon stossel on that. and america's news quiz.
8:45 pm
don't miss that one coming right back. [ male annocer ] things seem better with travelocity's best price guarantee. our girl's an architect. our boy's a genius. we are awesome parents! biddly-boop. [ male announcer ] if you find a lower rate on a room you've booked, we won't just match it. we'll give you $50 towards your next trip. [ gnome ] it's go time.
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embarrassed planned parent head and acorn. are those stings ethical and should we approve of them? here is jon stossel. >> it is creepy and i don't like to do it and sometimes we ought to because you can't get to the truth unless you go undercover. they don't behave normally with a camera. yes, i have to question myself. in keith's case i am glad he did that. but i don't like acorn. am i biased by that?
8:49 pm
>> it is not a matter if you like acorn or not. it is whether they are using tax money in an illegal way . we proved that is true. taxpayer money. they say they are fair and balance they say they are not a left wing organization. but the undercover video proves that is not true. planned parent hood say they are obeying the law and help women's help. but they say they are aiding and abetting child sex rings we as a journalist have the obligation to track it down. >> public money and less of an expectation of privacy . i have done it in consumer reporting where it was not public money involved and not a private offer. >> a guy stealing money and
8:50 pm
abortion doctors who were telling women who were not pregnant and giving them fake abortion. i thought it was going to break into joy to the world. >> and i think folks have to understand when there is a crime and malfesance involving public money. stossel and me and everybody else has an obligation to get to the truth within legal range. i am not going to put bugs. newt gingrich they followed him around and trying to record his call. that was the worst and i think we should have laws against protecting personal privacy. that should be very paramount in this country. >> i agree. that's why we as a consumer reporter did much less.
8:51 pm
it is all personal. >> if you think that somebody is committing a crime that gives you a go. >> i think you need to have good evidence . you have to have reasonable cause. >> you have to answer to news directors and bring them . police say this is happen we know it is happening and wow. ziggy might be doing something wrong and you slapped a little thing on his car that would be wrong. and the trend and technology, this is exploding . cam ras are getting smaller and you call o'keefe nonjournalist. i think more people will do this. >> he's not a journalist and doesn't answer to anybody with a standard of behavior. he is a civilian. >> he was not trained. you are not answerable to anybody. you are not under a standard of behavior and you are not a
8:52 pm
journalist. i agree we have to watch the public money. >> up ahead. how much do you know about america's wars? take the challenge when we come back with the great american news clip. i will send this to shelley. yeah. and i can have a proposal to you within half an hour. we're a small business. with 27 of us always in the field, we have to stay connected. we use verizon tablets, smartphones. we're more responsive. there are no delays.
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the test starts fast. you need just a third the blood of one touch.® okay. freestyle test strips. i'll take 'em. sure. call or click-- we'll send you strips and a meter, free. can't i just have these? freestyle lite test strips. call or click today. >> bill: back of the book segment. the war edition, here they are martha maccallum and steve doocy. if you beat meet her on the
8:55 pm
war thing you're a pansy, okay. that's a flower. >> i'm a flower? >> yeah. it is war. >> bill: here we go. question number one: before his meltdowns mel gibson made a popular movie about the revolutionary war. that had to hurt. the character was partially based on the real life general francis marion. what was his nickname? >> bill: the answer is c. it was a walt disney thing way back about the swamp fox.
8:56 pm
question number two: hbo series the pacific won eight emmys for its portrayal of the american campaign against the japanese in world war ii. >> which pacific battle was the deadliest of the entire war with more than 12,000 american troops killed? >> bill: the answer is b, okinawa. take a deep breath. they were all vicious, all of those campaigns, but okinawa was the worst, nobody would surrender. question number three: president obama commemorated memorial day by leaving a wreath at the tomb of the unknown.
8:57 pm
>> bill: memorial day starred in the 18 60s as a way to honor the civil war dead. what was the day originally called? >> bill: the answer is c decoration day. doocy lurching. are you okay maccallum? >> yeah, i'm good. >> bill: try to get one for the women watching. maccallum is a role model. question number four: the movie saving private ryan was critically an claimed for realistic depiction of the world war ii d-day invasion.
8:58 pm
>> bill: private ryan was favored to win the best picture of the year oscar, but lost it in a surprise upset to which film? >> bill: the answer is shakespeare in love. here's the deal on that. i saw shakespeare in love. i can't remember anything about it. >> gwyneth paltrow. >> both great movies. >> bill: private ryan, i remember the whole thing. that shows what kind of a good movie it is, if it stays with you. maccallum, you have one more chance. let's all root for maccallum. >> this is war!
8:59 pm
>> bill: legendary tv show mash follow doctors serving during the korean war. >> bill: the tv show mash lasted 11 seasons, about how long did the actual korean war last? >> bill: all right maccallum out of the gate. b, three years. >> are you happy bill? >> bill: no, i'm not happy. you know i root for you. look at him he only got two right and he's dancing. we have


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